From its birth in 2009, Bakanal de Afrique was intended to be a cultural phenomenon that stretched the length and breadth of the world, and united Urban Africans in a very unique way. We invite you to submit artistic/cultural work or events to be included as part of our festival.


2018 theme

The theme this year is ‘Wey You Dey?’ (Where were you?) exploring the history/timeline of urban African culture by asking people of the Diaspora to reflect on a specific moment in their lives and to create a story from that moment. We welcome artists/groups/organizations to submit work relating, but not limited to: urban life & leisure, contemporary/popular art & culture, urban history &, region specific cultures, personal family stories, relationship or orientation to place (specific to Africa/African Diaspora). Submissions are due no later than September 2018; the festival takes place between 11/1 - 11/30.


You’re eligible to apply if you:
◈Are an artist/group/organization exploring art & culture
◈Are of African/Black descent*
◈Are at least 18 years old
◈Will be submitting work created in or after 2016
 *Our definition includes multiethnic and multiracial artists with African heritage.