call for submissions

How can we communicate across languages forgotten, forced, or adopted? How can we connect the dust here to the concrete there?

The answer LIES in our stories.

Bakanal de Afrique (BdA) is Afro Urban Society’s biennial multidisciplinary Afro Urban festival that celebrates the many histories and traditions blended into the odyssey of the African Diaspora through our art and culture. From its birth in 2009, Bakanal de Afrique was intended to be a cultural phenomenon that stretched the length and breadth of the world, and united Urban Africans in a very unique way. 

We invite you to submit artistic/cultural work or events to be included as part of our festival.

2018 THEME

The theme this year is ‘Wey You Dey?’ (Where were you?) exploring the history/timeline of urban African culture by asking people of the Diaspora to reflect on a specific moment in their lives and to create a story from that moment. We welcome artists/groups/organizations to submit work relating, but not limited to: urban life & leisure, contemporary/popular art & culture, urban history &, region specific cultures, personal family stories, relationship or orientation to place (specific to Africa/African Diaspora). Submissions are due no later than September 2018; the festival takes place between 11/1 - 11/30.


You’re eligible to apply if you:
◈Are an artist/group/organization exploring art & culture
◈Are of African/Black descent*
◈Are at least 18 years old
◈Will be submitting work created in or after 2016
 *Our definition includes multiethnic and multiracial artists with African heritage.

Afro Urban Society