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Bakanal de Afrique 2018: Story Submission

Bakanal de Afrique is an Afro Urban festival for, about and to the African Diaspora. You are included. One of the main goals with the festival is to give roots to a Diaspora that is spread across the world. How can we communicate across languages forgotten, forced, or adopted? How can we connect the dust here to the concrete there? The answer lies in the stories from our lives.

So share with us.
Share with us an image, a journal entry, a story, a song, a thought, or the memory of a conversation that lingers with you. We want you to share an experience from your life, someone's past life, or in a future possibility.

With your permission, your story may be featured as part of Afro Urban Society's Bakanal de Afrique Festival.

Afro Urban Society