We are dreaming bigger and working harder this year, and need your support to make it all come to life. This work we know how to do, and have done on meager budgets, but this year we are asking for your support to level up. We aren’t aiming to make a profit, we just want to ensure that we are producing and supporting dynamic work and helping to give those works a larger life beyond its own stage.

With your contribution we are:

  • Collaborating with over 40 Artists & 15 Organizations representing as many regions of Africa: Congo, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Ethiopia, Different Regions of the Americas, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Brazil, Colombia as well as Europe

  • Employing as many people of African descent folks in all facets of the production; collaborating with Dance Mission Theater to train Women/people of African descent in Stage Tech fields;

  • Going from 3 days of programming to a month-long multi-event. Featuring not just dance and music but also film, visual and literary arts;

  • Collecting personal stories and engaging various people of African descent to exchange and share them;

  • Researching and presenting social movements by mapping a timeline of folkoric, urban, popular music from 1910 to 2030 from 54 African countries and 44 where people of African primarily reside/originate.